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VISUAL THINKING is a fundamental part of design thinking and other innovation processes such as Google Design Sprints and Lean Startup. It enables better communication between team members, boosts presentations, and  helps in presenting ideas.

This full-day workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of using visuals for better communication. It will focus in three main axes: Visualizing Abstract Concepts, Process Visualization, and Visual Storytelling.


- What you will learn -


- Part 1 -


Visualising Abstract Concepts

The complexity of your current jobs is overwhelming. It can be seen in all the vocabulary added through last years to describe tasks, areas, and activities. From concrete elements of projects like "pipeline", "backlog", and "deadline", to fuzzy concepts such as "innovation", "disruption", and "impact", we are more and more dependent on visual analogies and metaphors to clarify our goals to our peers. In this block, we will learn the basics of creating visual analogies that can support teamwork and empower your presentations.


- Part 2 -


Process Visualization

You are constantly reshaping how people should organize themselves and their goals, particularly in the realms of management and leadership. It can be difficult to communicate and agree on milestones within your team. The main challenges are finding a consensus on how to operate and establishing a meaning behind your headlines. In this block, we will provide a framework to easily define processes within your team and create a structure with elements that people can understand and follow. 


- Part 3 -


Visual Storytelling

Selling, teaching, and reporting - all of these presentation styles demands a different way of communicating. Visuals and Storytelling are a means of empowering your message and facilitating the understanding of the content you are trying to convey. Finding the perfect metaphor and story is the main challenge when creating a new presentation. In this block, we will study various frameworks for different kinds of presentations and how to find the best metaphors for your audience.


- What you will get -


Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to encode complex messages into simple visuals

  • Acquire new tools and methods to craft your next presentation

  • Create a common vocabulary for team meetings

  • Develop facilitation skills to mediate intercultural teamwork

  • Gain an understanding on how data and information can be visualized

  • Train illustration skills oriented towards your daily professional needs


- who is it for -


More than 500 people have experienced our workshops


Are you pitching projects and ideas?


Do you need to visualize data more clearly?


Are you working in multidisciplinary teams and need to communicate complex informations

Are you leading or are part of the innovation team within your company?

Are you constantly working on presentations for your company, agency, business model, doctorate, or courses?


Do you want to find out how to visually express process, methods and results?


Do you need to create more engaging visual metaphors for frameworks and theories?


This workshop is for anyone

  • (Future) innovators

  • Trainers aiming to craft better didactic materials

  • Entrepreneurs looking for ways to explain their newest idea

  • Coworkers who constantly work on any kind of presentations

  • Ph.D. candidates looking for ways to visualize and present their research findings and theories

  • Team leaders and members who need to facilitate processes and organize multidisciplinary and multicultural teams


There are no special/professional graphic design/drawing skills required




13.10.2019 • 9:00 - 18:00


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