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Being Visual

Our introductory workshop on the basics of drawing and visualisation.
100% hands-on. No bullshit. Immediate applicability.


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The BEING VISUAL BASICS workshop aims to enable people to take their first steps in visual communication. The program is filled with frameworks and insights, which are then followed by supervised exercises. You will learn both about composition and the structures of drawing and apply these to drawing people, objects, storyboards, and icons. To this we add a bit of theory and lots of supervised practice.


- What you will learn -


- Part 1 -



The first module is focused on understanding the fundamentals of illustration. You will be instructed with simple frameworks that will enable you to scribble anything around you. This module focus on composition, layout and structures.


- Part 2 -


VIsualise the world around you

After learning how the basics of drawing, now it is time to learn and practice how to draw people and objects. The participants will sketch faces, smiles, bodies and emotions. Moreover, they will have the chance to explain the world around them by learning how to better draw objects without looking at them (even with perspective).


- Part 3 -

Visual Library

From super sketches to simplified icons

The final module is about simplification. After learning how to draw anything around, the participants will build a small visual library for daily use. The focus is on finding the minimum needed elements to represent people, emotions, situations and objects.


- What you will Use -


the power of digital

All materials for the workshop are included and ready to use.

The participants will use the power and versatility of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in the exercises. They will learn the basics in the most used apps by illustrators and designers like Procreate Pro, Keynote and Paper.

Everything presented and produced in the workshop will be available for the participants afterwards. You will also receive a list with books about drawing and visualization, as well as links for icon resources and further classes to continue your development.


- who is it for -


More than 500 people have experienced our workshops


Non-illustrators / non-designers who aim to learn the initial steps of visual communication.

Business people who need to design presentations and communicate ideas.

Designers and engineers who want to learn new processes and methods for creating visuals.


Curious people who want to learn how to draw and don't know how to start.


Companies and HR professionals who want to train their employees in different skills.





09.02.2019 • 9:00 - 18:00




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